Saturday, April 17, 2010

Toesies of the Month - April 2010

Not that I needed an excuse or anything, but I love birthdays for the special treats!

This birthday month, I took advantage of Spa Week, even though I'm still angry at them for promoting vajazzling, and signed up for my first ever body scrub.  Since I usually have a relatively easy day on Wednesdays, I set up an appointment last week and decided to go for my monthly pedi on the same day.

The body scrub was amazing!  I told the woman that I had never gone this before, though I have body scrub type stuff at home.  I must admit it was nice to have someone else do it.  There was a 20 minute massage portion after the scrub and shower, and I told her that I had a lot of tightness in my legs.

Recently, I've been having a lot of heel pain.  I figured it was from a lot of standing around at work and from multiple belly dance classes.  But when I told a friend, who happens to subscribe to Runners World magazine, he suggested that it might be plantar faciitis.
From Google Health.
After reading up on it a bit, I tried massaging my Achilles tendon, and the pain in my heel was throbbing along with it.  I know I should probably go see a doctor, but being unemployed doesn't make me feel very secure about how much my health insurance will cover.

Either way, it was clear that my tootsies and legs needed some care.  It was very kind of the woman who did my body scrub to pay special attention to my legs.  Afterwards, I was smelling all kinds of mango-y goodness, and took a bottle of the body scrub home.

I must admit that my poor toesies were in desperate need of some lovin'.  Two days before my appointment, I realized I had pretty raggedy heels and nails that needed trimming.

Since I was in the Coolidge Corner area of Brookline, a mile away from my home, I decided to check out some of the nail salons in the area.  I must say, I was not disappointed.

The spa chairs were ridiculously comfortable!  The arm rests were huge, and even had an extra table for manicures.  I might have found a new nail place, though it makes me sad to think I'm deserting Dana's Nail Salon in Brighton.

For my birthday, I decided to grab one of my favorite nail colors.
Designed by Annie at Brookline Natural Nail, Brookline, MA
Color:  OPI - Sonic Bloom
Occasion:  Birthday!
April 2010
I discovered this nail color years ago at a nail salon in Los Angeles.  Then I proceeded to hunt it down online and get a bottle of my own.

The nail design is super cute!  I only wish I had a black light to shine on it.
I'm really quite satisfied with last Wednesday's self-care day.  It was amidst a pretty intense work week, and well-deserved for all the work I'd put in.  Now, April vacation is here and I can rest my toesies for another week.


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