Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boot Camp - Week 3

Once again, I had a really difficult time getting to sleep the night before boot camp.

In the past week, the boyfriend and I discovered that Mencken had burrowed a hole into our box spring.  When he's feeling particularly frisky, he will rummage around underneath us, doing god-knows what.  It's really irritating...but also really hilariously cute.
our little monster
Suffice it to say, he didn't make it any easier the night before boot camp.  I nearly ran late, but I tried to jog a bit to get to the gym on time.

Ugh.  I hate running.  I hate running so bad.
for serious
Near the end, I definitely felt like I was giving up, and I was really frustrated at myself for feeling that way.  At the very end, we ran to a separate location and were told to go up and down some stairs and then run up a short hill and back down several times until we were told to stop.

As Jillian Michaels would say, I totally "phoned it in" at some point.  There was no way I was jogging up the hill, and running and and down the stairs was not even an option.  I was spent.

But I have 2 sessions left.  Right now, I'm almost considering paying for more sessions, but that's dependent on my job situation.

I know it's been good for me and my body to keep at this.  Plus, having a trainer/teacher around to keep pushing us while having other group members around to keep me feeling competitive helps with my motivational level.

I do wish that the trainer would provide some music to help keep us motivated.  But, it's just not his style.

I couldn't imagine doing it more than once a week at this point in my body, but if I get stronger I could up it to 2x a week.

The problem is that pesky running.  You'd think that riding a bike would have helped me get a bit stronger, but my bike has been out of commission for a while.

I'll be honest, and this is just a little thought between you and me...but I'm considering going out to attempt running on my own.  Maybe around the Ringer Park field super early in the morning, but it's a smaller area, which means several laps before reaching a mile.  Or probably around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, which is nearby and relatively flat but long enough that I won't just quit (according to Yelp, it's approximately 1.56 miles).  Or even down the Esplanade one day.

Sshhhh!!! Don't say anything, okay?

Let me be clear, though.  I still loathe running, but I'm stubborn enough to know that I want to conquer it just because.

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