Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simple Pleasures Sundays - $15 Bus Rides

I'm heading off to New York City to see my best friend today!  We're going to attend the final gala event for the New York International Children's Film Festival, an event we try to attend every year.

Though we both managed to make it to the East Coast and we're only about 4 hours drive away from each other, we unfortunately don't see each other as often as we'd like.

But, it is almost comforting to know that we could easily see each other for a mere $15 one-way bus ride on the Fung Wah Bus.

When I first moved to Boston, that bus used to be only $10!!! But, I guess prices had to increase just a bit.

Also, the Fung Wah Bus has some notoriety for having crazy drivers, lots of break-downs, and other general problems.  Believe me, my friends and I have had a variety of crazy experiences on the bus!  From one girl being bitchy to her seat mate leading to us stopping just to have the police interview folks on the bus about the incident, to a friend of mine experiencing a side-view mirror swiping with a big-rig truck.

But I don't care.  I figure that statistically, accidents can't happen all the time, and you just have to plan a trip either right after an incident or after a long time without an incident.  It's definitely better to go early in the morning so that the buses are "fresh."

Either way, it's pretty awesome to travel to another state to see my best friend just for $15!  The second $15, however, is not as satisfying because of the eventual separation from her.

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  1. Sometimes you can get Megabus tickets for cheaper than $15 (One time I got a ticket there for $9, and the return for $11).

    It's a way more comfortable ride too!


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