Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lent Challenge 2011 - That's Right...I Had Pancakes...

I apologize for my title.  Like I've mentioned in my previous post about this Lent Challenge diet, I've got kind of an interesting (read: bitchy) edge.  This was the best title I could think of.

Yeah, I had pancakes for breakfast this morning.  Dairy-free, egg-free pancakes.

When the boyfriend and I last went up to Maine to visit his family, his step-mom made these delicious buckwheat pancakes.  They were so light and fluffy, I felt like I could have eaten a ginormous stack of them.  Then she told us that it was a mix that you just add water to.  Amazing!

Naturally, when I went to brunch last weekend and felt like I wanted to have a tantrum in the middle of the restaurant, I remembered those buckwheat pancakes.

I emailed the boyfriend's step-mom and asked for the recipe, and she told me that it's a mix that isn't really found in stores outside Maine.  But by Wednesday, I received a package from her with the mix!

Who says that step-mom's aren't awesome?

So, this morning, I said, "Take THAT diet!"
Ployes Buckwheat Pancake Mix!
Using our bomb-ass Cuisinart Griddle/Grill
The instructions on the package says that it's 1 cup of the mix to 1 1/3rd cup of water, but I added a little bit less water and they came out pretty fluffy.  I'm sure if I added the full 1 1/3rd cup of water, they would also be delicious and more crêpe-like.

I could live off a crêpe-diet.  Some of you know this already.

I used Earth Balance buttery spread, which is completely vegan, and I squeezed a couple of drops of lemon juice on top of each pancake.  To complete the meal, I added some strawberries.

Perhaps the worst part is that we don't have any REAL maple syrup in the house.  A while back, we were at Costco and opted for the cheaper and larger Log Cabin maple syrup bottles.  It tastes so synthetic compared to real maple syrup, but it's what we have and we're not ones to just throw things away like that.
Nummy nummy nummy in my tummy...
Either way, it was delicious.  Extremely satisfying.  Not just because it was so tasty, but also because I feel like I have one-uped this diet.

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  1. laughed out loud (for real) at the crepe diet shoutout. miss that small ass room sometimes and the massively huge good times we had there :)


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