Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lent Challenge 2011 - Displaced Feelings in the Form of a Letter

Dear Boyfriend,

I'm really so very truly sorry.  It hasn't even been a week of this challenge, and I have been a cranky-bum towards you.

While, there are some things that deserved me being cranky at you (like when you were drinking with a friend, and decided that I needed a lecture for "not doing the dishes well enough," which...I had been the only one doing dishes for the past several weeks because of you being all sickly.....but I digress), you haven't deserved me being cranky at you for correcting my mistakes or for other minor things.

I literally had to stop myself this morning, and realize that my anger is coming from all the brain power that is being used to figure out what I can and cannot eat.

Remember when I joined a friend for brunch on Sunday?  You know I love brunch.  I LOVE BRUNCH.

But when I arrived and saw the amazing brunch buffet that was available, and realized that I could only eat fruit and home fries (which I naturally [and kind of angrily] covered with ketchup), I honestly had to hold back tears.

Sure, there was also salad, but all the salads had cheese in them!  Even deliciously scrumptious feta and goat cheese, which as you know is off limits.  Fruit, home fries, and ketchup.  That's all I had.

Never before has dieting made me feel like crying.  When I was on Weight Watchers, I just got angry and tried to cheat the system by allowing myself pastries just because I worked out.  But this diet just makes me feel sad.

So, I'm really sorry, honey.  Please help to keep me in check if I'm being a cranky-bum.  I love you, and thank you for supporting me.



  1. Dieting shouldn't make you feel like crap. If it does, take a step back, breathe, and try to remember that 1) you are loved exactly as you are, and 2) you have to nourish your WHOLE body, even if that means occasionally breaking your plan so that your mind can have some peace. I promise you will look and feel even more amazing than you already do because you will be happier. Despite the book being popular, no one actually likes a skinny bitch. All that said, I still think you're beautiful just the way you are, curves and all, and I think anyone is crazy for disagreeing (FU media). Also, when you need to stray from your preferred plan, try to focus on the love and respect you have for what your body can DO, regardless of how it looks. What physical activity did you do this month that a year ago you wouldn't have been able to accomplish?

  2. Thanks Julie :)
    I'm trying to keep these things in my mind when I'm feeling at my weakest. You know me, tho...I am one stubborn mofo..and I'm trying my best not to cave...but, I am listening to my body and making sure that it doesn't get too angry at me.


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