Wednesday, March 28, 2012

26 Til 30 - Weird and Awesome

Working with kids has so many amazing rewards. 

To see them learn, understand, and make changes in themselves and others helps to give me hope that the rest of humanity can catch up.

Today at work, I was in the midst of a club that I lead (which happens to be Rock Band club).  I thought it was appropriate to show my hair to those who haven't seen it.

One child, who has somewhat of an anger issue (which makes him pretty darn good at smacking those drums) but will still connect with me in a non-angry way, commented that he thought I was so weird for a Filipino.  I was so confused by his statement.  It seemed that he didn't think that any of his friends who were Filipino would do anything like dye their hair a crazy color.  At first, I questioned him.  What exactly did he mean by all of that?

He kept saying, "You're so weird! You're so weird!"

I responded, "Well, there's nothing wrong with being weird and different."

But then he said, "I'm not being mean.  I mean, even though you're weird, you're still awesome."

....I legit nearly balled my eyes out.

Best. Complement. Ever.

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