Saturday, March 24, 2012

30 Til 30 - Mermaid Hair


Today is a month away from my 30th birthday!!!

I'm so extremely excited and nervous and excited!!!

Believe me, I've given this some real thought.  I've thought about it all through my 20's, in fact.  Having always been the youngest in my group of friends, I was always looking forward to being just a little bit older.

Now that many of my friends have been in their 30's for at least a year if not more or gone past it, it just seems like there's a lot to look forward to.  Many of them talk about how they just stopped caring so much about what other people think, and focused more on themselves.  In Sex and the City, it seemed like being in the 30's opens one up for a whole different set of experiences that just aren't as possible when you're young, dumb, and...well...naïve.

I remember having friends who were not really looking forward to getting older.  When they talked about it, it felt like it would be the end of their life as they knew it.  That always confused me.  As soon as I turned 20, I promised myself that I wouldn't fear turning 30.

And since I first started this blog back in 2009, when all those Saturn's-Return-changes were all dropping on my head, 30 couldn't come any faster.  Last year, at my 29th birthday brunch with my friends in San Francisco, we joked about how I had 1 more year to blame stupid choices on my 20's.  

But we couldn't have been more right!  Remember when I got arrested?  Yup.

Now, I have 30 days left to do crazy things before I turn 30.  Though, I obviously don't think it's all going to stop necessarily.  But I still want to do these last days of my 20's BIG.

Naturally, I had to dye my hair mermaidy one more time.  It was just coincidence/fate that my appointment was scheduled for March 23rd.

So, without further ado, here are some pictures from my hair dying experience.

getting some bleach action

this is the new look, don't ya know...
blondie for 5 minutes
so awesome! so excited I couldn't
help but to take a picture on the bus!
rolled up in a minibun
a bit more how I like it
I'm sure I'll have more pictures as the days roll on.  It feels extremely empowering to have taken control of my hair, especially since I had thought about doing this since sometime last October.

My goal for the next 30 days is to go big in everything I do.  From grocery shopping to baking to work, I want my last days of being in my 20's to be lived with full intention.

Mermaidy hair is probably the easiest intention for me to see through.


  1. Going big with grocery shopping? I am intrigued.

  2. hahaha! I'm gonna roll down the aisles blasting Lonely Island's Like a Boss :)


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