Saturday, March 31, 2012

23 Til 30 - Multiple Birthday Celebrations

March, April, and May are packed with birthdays.  Then again in September and October.  It's almost humorous to think of how many of our parents were getting busy at the same time of the year.

But it really is amazing to me to know so many people with birthdays around the same time.  Almost every week is someone's birthday.  I know at least 1 person who's birthday falls during the week of my birthday (from the 21st to the 28th), and in some cases there are several people in 1 day!

Well, I ended up attending a friend's birthday party on the last day of March.  It was pretty fun.  But the most random thing is that someone had a turtle suit.  Like a legit turtle costume. It wasn't like a Ninja Turtle.  It was like a turtle turtle.

Naturally, as there were streamers, at some point someone decided to start wrapping the guy in the turtle suit.
how often does this happen at your parties?

so many streamers...
This story isn't significant in any way, really.  It's just random as hell and for your viewing enjoyment.

But it wasn't a bad way to say farewell to March and hello to April!

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