Thursday, March 8, 2012

Did I Mention the 5K?

Dude...did I completely neglect to mention that I ran my very first 5k?

I totally did, didn't I?

Well, back on December 18th, I managed to make it out in the freezing cold to be part of the Jingle Bell Run! 

The morning was mainly spent trying not to freeze my toes off, and then looking for something more festive as so many folks were dressed for the occasion.

Here are my results:

Place Div /Tot  Div   Guntime Nettime Pace  Name     Ag S Race# City/state 
5031 1604/1723 F1829   47:10   39:30 12:43 Cecilia V 29 F  6605 Brighton MA  

Not bad for a first time!

But then there are the pictures.  They're horrendous! So horrendous that I didn't even try to get a copy of them.

Either way, I'm really proud of myself.  I still don't consider myself a runner, not by any means.  But it sure does suck a lot less than when it did in the beginning of my bootcamp adventures.

In terms of bootcamp, I'm up to the 3 days of bootcamp, plus I added a strength training class.  I'm thinking about adding a core strength class as well.

If only there was a nutritional bootcamp to complement all this working out.

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