Friday, March 30, 2012

24 Til 30 - Toesies of the Month

This week at bootcamp kicked my ass.  My shoulders were so sore.  It's been a long time since my shoulders have been that sore.

It only made sense to sit in one of those pedicure spa chairs that massage your shoulders.

Man, those things really helped to work out some of the soreness!  I made sure it focused on my upper back and shoulders, and I pushed back up against the chair a bit more just to get at the knots.

Phew!  It was so absolutely needed.

Designed by Kim at City Nails & Spa, South End, Boston
Color:  Essie - Go Incognito
Occasion:  Birthday Month Prep
March/April 2012
There was a moment when I realized that the leg massages were going on way too long.  It was like she knew that my calves also needed some TLC.

But that long massage ended up making me a bit late for work.  So, after sitting under the dryer for a bit, I put on those little plastic toe coverings and tried to walk to work.  Of course, my legs were tired from trying to prevent any damage to my new design.  And of course, one of them managed to get messed up.

I ended up just repainting my right toe with the color, so it looks a little uneven this month.  But I'll probably end up going back in the next couple of weeks anyway as another special birthday treat.


  1. Where are you going for pedis these days?

    I went to this place in Brighton, and it was totally lame, $25 and they didn't even use a scrub and they barely rubbed off any dry skin with that pumice stone, and almost no leg massage to speak of.

    An extra long massage sounds like something I need for my next pedi to make up for my completely sub-par March one.

    1. In the South End, there's City Nails & Spa, which is right on Washington St. In JP, I've gone to Nails 2000, which is on South St. It's a little small, but it's not bad. In Brighton, I usually have gone to Dana's Nail Salon on Washington St. The one in the South End did a good focus on the massage :)


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