Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting Started with 2011

Alright, folks.  So, this is me putting it out there to the world and universe.

My next travel goal for 2011 is this:
Get-A-Way with the Goddesses!
I have to pay $200 by October 1st.  Right now, I'm struggling a bit with that, what with unemployment.  But I know I can pull it out from somewhere.

Let's break it down, shall we?

Total:  $1625
Initial Payment:  $200
Monthly Payments from November-August:  $142.50

Absolutely doable!  Absolutely attainable! 

At this point, I feel like things are happening.  I'm getting job interviews.  I'm using my connections.  I'm working my natural charm.  I going to Mexico in October 2011, darn it.

We're talking about an all-expenses paid (flight, hotel, dranks, meals, and hotel entertainment) trip to Mexico!  Considering that I'm from California, you'd think I'd have been all up and down Mexico already.  But I've only had the pleasure of getting to know a bit about Baja California (which is part of Mexico for those geographically challenged).

It's time, people.  It's time this California girl goes to Mexico.

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