Thursday, September 2, 2010

City Sights - September 1st Eve

For some reason September 1st fills me with a mix of sad feelings and happy memories.  Though it's still hot and humid in Boston, September's arrival means that summer is over. 

In Boston, it also means that the students have come back, and thousands of leases have ended and are just beginning.

On the final night in August, a couple of friends, the boyfriend, and I took a walk around Allston and Brighton, neighborhoods fraught with students and leases.  I just wanted to share with you some of the amazing piles of trash that we came across.
Another man's trash... another man's Double Rainbow All the way!
It was fascinating to walk around the neighborhood.  Usually, I try to avoid the craziness of the U-Haul trucks, smelly sidewalks, and hyped up undergrads.  But doing this with friends makes the experience a whole lot better.

Words of advice for anyone:  Bring hand wipes or hand sanitizers or both.  I made the mistake of touching a Guitar Hero drum set that was just disgustingly sticky.  Gross!

There are a lot of things I miss about being a student, or just in general about years past.  But I'm interested to see what this September will bring.  With that, I leave you with this awesome tripped out video of an amazing song.


  1. oh my goodness WHAT was that video with the ridiculous lyrics that we were laughing to at the end of the year?! like... waiting for marvin or something silly? Gosh I miss giggling in that little office...

    I'm moving today -- housewarming invite to come once I'm settled! :) xoxo

  2. Have a great moving day!
    That video with the AMAZING lyrics is from "Float On" by The Floaters :D

  3. I found it in our quotes:

    Cancer! And I'm Larry!
    (Share your loooove with Larryyyy!)


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