Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wheel of Fortune or Misfortune?

In the past 2 weeks, I've had 2 interviews.  Both are great opportunities, ones from which I could use my skills as well as learn more skills.

The first position is for a part time, temporary position at a school, covering for a social worker going on maternity leave.  I'd get to work with kids again, though I'm wondering how different they will be from the kids I'm used to working with.

The second position is for a great organization that I've worked with before through my previous job.  I'd get to work with kids, and I'd get to learn about how to maintain my bicycle.  I'd probably be doing a lot of biking, too.

As of this week, I've already heard back from the first position asking if I'm still interested in the position.  I told them that I would let them know my decision in the next week, since I had a chance for a full-time position.  They seemed understanding about it, and it was the most professional thing I could do. 

I would feel extremely conflicted if I was working there and then offered a wonderful opportunity.  The self-care part of me would say that I would have to take the full-time position.  But the nice part of me says that I would stick it out, because I finish what I start (and isn't that what got me in this predicament in the first place?).

After the second position interview, I found another position as a health educator at one of the local prestigious universities.  I knew several people who work there, and they are helping me pass my resume along while I had already applied.  I would love to hear back from them sooner than later.  In fact, this is the job that I would want the most out of the three.

But what do I do?  Can beggars be choosers?  If I get the second position, do I keep waiting to get an interview for the 3rd position?  How long do I wait?

At some point last week, I decided I needed to consult my tarot cards.  One card really stood out to me.
The Wheel of Fortune basically signifies that change is on its way, but that the way things change and the result of the change is just something I have to ride out and wait for.  While that doesn't mean that I just keep sitting and waiting and not doing anything, it does mean that whatever path I end up on is the one that's destined for me.

It was a little bit scary to see that in my reading.  It means that I need to just sit tight.  It means that all this waking up feeling absolutely useless every morning is going to change.  But change how?  We'll see, huh?

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