Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time For Planning - Halloween

Halloween is perhaps one of my most favorite holidays!  At least, it's a great way to celebrate the Autumn.  With September here, I definitely feel some pressure on coming up with a great costume this year.  Also, the boyfriend and I are hoping to pair up.

So, I present to you my possible ideas for Halloween Costumes:

Tourists - Easiest because we both have matching
Hawaiian shirts and Mickey Mouse Hats.

Care Bear - except with a twist, and probably NOT slutty!

The boyfriend can be the Sorcerer's Apprentice
and I can be a Broom (or the other way around)

Sushi...but that's a tasty version of a mermaid!
The boyfriend can be Wasabi!
I was also thinking more of wearing a tutu and
wrapping green fabric around it

Except not as a creepy baby.
But this would be cheating, as I would really just be a gold mermaid.

Double Rainbow
All the Way!
Any other suggestions are more than welcome!

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