Saturday, September 25, 2010

Simple Pleasures - Taking In the Air

In the past 24 hours, I've had quite an exhilarating car-riding experience.  Not being a car owner, I don't often get to enjoy the wind blowing past me.  But I've been lucky enough to experience it twice last night and today.

I've taken some video of the experience, because it's really hard to describe what an absolutely fun experience it is to be moving in a car but exposed to the elements.  I suppose it's like riding a bike, but being a passenger instead of the driver just makes the experience better.

This first video is from very late in the night, coming home from a friend's house.  I could have been sandwiched between the boyfriend and his friend in the truck, but I was more than happy to sit in the bed of his truck.

This second video was from earlier today, coming home from a day of belly dance workshops.  Being somewhat of an Indian Summer day, my friend was eager to take advantage of her top-down Jeep.  Though my hair was blowing all over the place, it was such an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Oh, to be young, living life without worry, riding open-air in a car.  What a freeing experience.  I can only hope others can experience that at least once in their lifetime.

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