Friday, October 15, 2010

Kitty Parenthood

With 2 young kittens in our apartment, it's been quite a learning process to say the least.

Our apartment is definitely not kitty proof.  We have tall bookshelves with things on top of it, spaces behind bookshelves and other furniture that they are able to get to including getting behind the fridge (due to the old nature of our kitchen), and our floors and walls are not insulated enough.

Though Yoni is spayed and Mencken was neutered recently, they're still very energetic kitties and mainly in the middle of the night.

The other day, our neighbor below us finally came knocking on our door, complaining about all the noise at 2 in the morning.  We felt horrible that she was being disturbed, so we brought her a bottle of wine the next day as a way to apologize.

But, in truth, it's totally my fault.  I've been hoping that if we get the kitties used to being in the bedroom with us, they won't be so curious about the place.  They get a bit too excited and proceed to start chasing each other around the apartment.  The galloping around the house is pretty crazy for us, so I could only imagine what that's like for our neighbor below us.

I'm also too much of a softy. 

Recently, in the mornings, whenever it's about 8 or 9 am, Mencken will come to our bedroom door and meow and trill and mew and bark.  That's right.  Mencken totally makes bark-like sounds.  It's like he's like, "Hey, humans!  It's been daylight for like 3 hours already!  Get your asses up!" 

It's definitely very different from when Yoni will wake me up by insisting on snuggles.
Morning Snuggles with Yoni
Last night, Mencken just would not stop being a hyper kitty in the middle of the night.  When we put him outside of the bedroom, but Yoni was still inside, he mewed and mewed and mewed.  At one point, I couldn't take it, and opened the door to let him in.  He purred on my stomach, then slowly moved down to the foot of the bed.  Next thing you know, he was up on the window sill, interested in the noises the rain and wind were making.  Then he tried to start playing with Yoni.  We wanted him to be calm.  So, I put him outside again.

I feel like I tried to give him several chances, but he kept acting up.  I honestly don't know how many hours of sleep I got.

Finally, we woke up to a crashing sound.  Mencken had started to climb up our wall-hanging shoe rack and several of the hooks and shoes came crashing down.


I'm sure that there's no way that I can compare last night and the past couple of weeks to being a parent of human children.  But being a parents of kitties has felt really comparable.
Our Little Furrorists.

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