Sunday, October 31, 2010

Simple Pleasures Sundays - Halloween

How could I not do a post about Halloween?

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, especially because it really starts the holiday season.  So, a while back, I was trying to plan out my Halloween costume.  Lo and behold, I was able to wear two very different costumes this weekend!

Friday night, I was a mermaid.  I had been really feeling my love for mermaids a little bit stronger lately, so I was excited to use one night as an excuse to dress up.
Tons of glitter, tons of pearls, tons of scales...
This costume was a lot of work because of the makeup.  Different shades of glitter were were used for my eyes and face, I packed on the blush, and I had to make sure there was enough color on my lips.
Glitter from Sassy Sparkles, Too:
Saturday night was my night to pair up with the boyfriend.  Truth be told, it was a lot of fun to be absolutely silly with him and act like tourists.  It was also fun to explain that our pieces were at least authentic, with our Hawaiian shirts actually from Hawaii and our Mickey ears actually from Disneyland.
Happy Tourist!
This costume was definitely a lot less work!  I still packed on the makeup, making my cheeks look extremely tan and rosy, and I also put more tint on my lips.  Otherwise, we just wore our Hawaiian shirts, jeans (because it was really a bit chilly), and socks under our sandals.
Capturing our reflection on the T
Now, while getting all gussied up in a costume isn't exactly a simple act or a simple thing, there is just some pleasure in dressing up as someone completely different.  What's so wonderful about Halloween is being free to take on a persona that is such a stretch from who you are.  It's an opportunity to really learn more about who you actually are on non-Halloween days.

And since I've spent most of the weekend being someone different, for Halloween day I'm being myself.

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