Sunday, October 24, 2010

Simple Pleasures Sundays - Baths

On Friday, I decided it was high time that I do some serious cleaning of the bathroom.  I made sure to keep the door closed so that the kitties didn't get too curious about the activity and so they wouldn't have too many interactions with any strong smells.

My timing couldn't have been any more perfect.  It has been a serious week of working out, and I had decided to give hot yoga a try.  Come Saturday (my pilates day), I was extremely sore.

I have been told by various sources about the wonders of Epsom salt baths, but I had never actually tried it.  I don't usually have Epsom salt, plus the tub was not really clean enough for me to feel comfortable soaking in it.

This Saturday, however, I had my first ever Epsom salt bath.  The fun part was having curious kitties perched in the bathroom, wide-eyed and wondering what in the world I could be doing.  The amazing part was how less sore I was within a couple of minutes of sitting in the hot water!
I don't take baths very often.  But when I was a child, we only took baths.

Perhaps it was a more water-conservative method, but it was definitely because we didn't really have showers in the Philippines.  Even when we moved to Los Angeles and through most of my high school years when we had moved into our very first house, we mainly used the bathtub.  Though, when I think about it, there was always a drought in L.A., so we also needed to conserve water.

Now, you might be thinking, how is filling a bathtub full of gallons of water conserving water?  Well, our bathing was not exactly what I would call bathing as an adult.

Our method of taking a bath/getting clean involved sitting on a stool in the tub, filling a bucket of water, and using a tabo (dipper) to pour the water over us.

Nowadays, I feel like that method is so much more work than just standing under the shower.  And yet, sitting in the tub full of water is really quite a pleasing experience.

I for one am very glad that my family and I have upgraded our standard of living, and that it's reflected in the privilege of a warm bath.

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