Friday, December 31, 2010

A Final Look Back via Facebook

10 Lessons I've learned in 2010, and will probably continue to learn:
1. Sometimes, things are really difficult.  But there's a lesson to learn from all the difficulties.
2. I am generally a cheerful person, but when I am depressed I need to be able to ask for help.
3. Setting goals is not just about visualizing.  It is mainly about action.
4. I'm pretty good with kids...but I love my teens.
5. Home is the people, not the places.
6. Love comes in all forms.  Sometimes it's in the form of 2 fuzzball kittens, even though you've been considered a "dog person."
7. Connections matter a lot when it comes to getting a job.
8. To appreciate where you're going, you have to appreciate where you've been.
9. If you have found a great travel partner, you are extremely lucky.
10. Hugging is extremely important.

Thanks for the opportunities, 2010.  You were extremely memorable.  But I'm glad to see you go.

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