Friday, December 17, 2010

In the Next 2 Weeks

Sometimes, I lose sight of the awesomeness that surrounds me, and I'm reminded that the people are really a huge part of why I'm still on the East Coast.  My friends here are a true testament of the awesomeness of humans.

I feel like my holidays are now completely full of awesome.  And it started with a good friend who gave the boyfriend and I are short strand of Christmas lights.

Truth be told, I teared up a little bit in the backseat of his car when I saw what he gave us.  I had been really sad about not being able to really decorate since the kitties would probably just attack anything I put up, but I also didn't want to have to spend too much money just to decorate.  But this helped to get me energized for the Holidays.

While I couldn't justify buying a tree, I thought that my Bamboozle would be a great alternative.
Oh Bamboozle
With that, I'm feeling more ready for the holiday.

I realized that I couldn't just isolate myself and fall further into depression, so I reached out to my dear friends and now I feel like my remaining 2010 is full.

December 22nd - 23rd - My best friend is coming up from NYC!
December 24th - 25th - Cooking, baking, feasting with my lovely fellow BUSSW friends!
December 26th- 29th - Feasting, snowman building/snow angel making, sauna-ing in Maine with the boyfriend and his family.
December 30th - Prepare for New Years.
December 31st - January 1st - Ring in 2011!

There are 2 full weeks left in 2010.  And now I have a plan to spend it hugging, eating, and laughing.

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  1. don't forget secret snowflake with us in January!! :) sending a LOT of love xoxo


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