Monday, December 27, 2010

Tosies of the Month - December 2010

There was definitely a moment where I wasn't sure if this was going to happen.  At some point, I just realized that I would be fairly busy, and might not have time to sneak in a pedicure.

But, I managed to sneak one in between a job interview and getting my best friend from South Station.

I was in the Government Center and Downtown Crossing area of Boston, so I had Googled nail salons before leaving the house.  I didn't check up on the reviews at all, and figured that I would just take the chance on the first one I came to.

Well, I'd have to say that when you get a good nail person or salon, it's really hard to find another that lives up to it.  The place I went to definitely left a lot to be desired.

I love my nail color, though!  I ended up painting my fingers on my own prior to official holiday festivities.

Now, I didn't get a picture of the pedicure until earlier today, though I actually went on last Wednesday, the 22nd.

Okay, so I personally feel that if a nail technician brings me a bunch of design samples and asks me to choose one, I get a bit disheartened.  I've talked about how I prefer to have the nail technician do whatever design on their own.

So, since I was getting this for the holidays, I picked a design that looked kind of like fireworks.  But here's what they actually look like.
Designed by Katie at Nail Time, Boston, MA
Color: Sephora by OPI - 212 Sephora
Occasion: Holidays
December 2010
I will explain more about this picture in a second.

The nail technicians were so lucky that I LOVE this color!  Here's a better view of it via the Sephora website.
212 Sephora
It's described as "opaque smoky black with iridescent, gold and copper chunky glitter."  Absolutely a fabulous color for the holidays, in my personal opinion.  To me, it's all about that glitter.  To me, it's my light within the dark - something I'm still holding onto in the midst of the unemployment.

Alright, now for the picture explanation.

The boyfriend and I are currently in Maine, and his dad has built a sauna on their property.  I'm generally not much of a sauna person, because I get a bit claustrophobic and unsure whether I'm actually breathing.  But I wanted to be adventurous.

Now, considering that we were in the midst of a blizzard, it felt somewhat appropriate to go down to the sauna.  I believe we were in there for almost an hour, but I kept wussing out and needing to take a break in the changing area.  The boyfriend's dad and brother-in-law were more brave than I could ever be and would dive into the fluffy snow.  But I would just step out onto the steps for a bit.

Considering how hot it was in the sauna, the freezing snow was almost more refreshing than anything else.  Then heading back into the hot steaminess was also great after the freezing cold.

So, this was proof of my slight braveness in this crazy winter weather.  Perhaps a sign of things to come in the upcoming year?  Perhaps more light among the darkness and more bravery?

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