Sunday, December 19, 2010

Simple Pleasures Sundays - Gloves

Apparently, I have strangely bionic thumbs.  I have these awesome pair of gloves that I've loved for 2 years, but my thumbs have managed to burrow a hole out of the thumb part.

Now, the gloves are woven wool, with a felt lining.  Super comfy, super cute, and matches with all my outfits.

I've asked several friends to fix them, but my thumbs still manage to burrow a new hole.
Sad thumbs...
I guess I could invest in more intense gloves.  But I love these gloves.  They keep me extremely warm and they're really cute.

I got them 2 years ago at the Cultural Survival Bazaar.  This weekend, I returned to the Cultural Survival Bazaar to seek a new pair.

Well, I am happy to say that I found myself a new and better pair!
Happy thumbs!
These gloves, while not necessarily all green like I'd like them, have thumb flaps!  So, if my thumbs were to attempt burrowing out of the gloves, they could just un-hood themselves.

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