Sunday, April 1, 2012

22 Til 30 - Life Is So Much Better With Other People

I know how exceedingly lucky I am to know all the people I know.  There are times, especially the times when I seem to need it, that I'm reminded of how awesome my friends are.

On April 1st, I sadly didn't have any April Fool's pranks planned, nor did I even really try to come up with something.  But there was sadly a moment when I felt like a fool.

Luckily, I was at dinner with two guy friends from my after school job.  I tried to vocalize how irritated I was at the situation I was put in, and I kept checking my phone.

At some point, they grabbed my phone and wouldn't give it back.  I was eager to know what was going on in the little world of my phone, so I kept asking for it back.  But they decided that I wouldn't get it back until we ended up at a new undisclosed location.

I could see that they were trying to make me feel better.  It was nice to feel whisked away, like they just wanted me to be cheerful instead of pissed off and sad.

It was rainy, so it was hard for me to see where we were going.

Eventually, I realized that we were going to Boston Bowl!

What a great way to let out a bit of frustration!

But then I learned that they wouldn't give me back my phone until I either got a strike or two spares in a row.  That felt unusually cruel, but it did make me bowl fairly well.

In fact, we all noted how bad my bowling got when I did get my phone back!
the first round was much better...but I still did quite well :)
Either way, it was so sweet of them to do what they did in an effort to make me feel better.  I have awesome friends, and that means that my birthday month will be amazing!

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