Monday, November 22, 2010

Frustrated with Fat or Muscle or Whatever

Recently, I realized that my scale was busted.

There was a crack on the side of it, and the weight would jump 10 above and 10 below what I had thought my weight was.

It was a digital scale, but I needed something different.

So, I bought a new fancy scale that also shows your water weight, body fat percentage, and Body Mass Index.
Mencken disapproves of the scale.
It's been great, and much more accurate than the previous scale.

But my weight isn't really improving.  The whole process just frustrates me.

I've been working out pretty consistently, doing both strength training, cardio, and throwing in pilates and yoga when I can afford a class.  Then, of course, there's belly dance.

In the past several weeks, I feel like I've noticed a change in my body because it looks different.  But I feel like I must have some strange way of looking at things, because the scale is either going up or staying the same.

I know there's the whole belief that muscle weighs more than fat, but I feel like it's just utter bull.  I have a lovely belly dance friend who talks about this in her weight loss blog

What's difficult, in the end, I think is that scale.  Yet it's still something I feel the need to rely on.  There are always different groups of people and activities I'm joining where we see how much we've collectively lost by a certain time.  I'm thinking I need to stop joining those groups because they just aren't working for me.  That is...after this last group I've joined.

So, what then?  What should I do?  If every week, I weigh myself and nothing really changes, what am I doing wrong?

I'm trying not to be negative.  But I do feel like I'm at a complete loss sometimes.

I know that part of my 2010 goal was to get over the damn scale.  But maybe it's time I really make a commitment to that concept.  While it might not happen by the end of 2010, I know it's not something I can just go with for a month.  This is a life's worth of effort.

Here's my plan:
I will still weigh myself every week.
Every month, I will measure my waist, my hips, my arms, and my thighs.
I will have an update on the sidebar as well as a dedicated page logging my progress (linked above), and once in a while I will blog about it.

Let's do this!


  1. Awww, I feel ya sista! I was so frustrated with my scale that I switched to weighing in every month and just put the scale out of sight! :)


  2. I've noticed that weight loss often has a lot to do with food consumption too. I tend to work out pretty regularly, and was surprised to see some recent weight gain... turned out my frequent forays into the *All you can eat Hot Pot Buffet* in Chinatown finally got to me!

    You mentioned a lot about exercise here, but no mention of eating less/better food practices, so maybe that's why your weight has stayed consistent?

  3. @UrbanCheapskate - Good Point! I didn't mention anything about that! I get stuck on the things that I'm physically doing, but not physically ingesting.

    Lemme tell you, I know that I average about 1800 calories a day (not counting the calories I burn during workouts), using this Calorific app on my Droid. It focuses more on a nice ratio of "green," "yellow," and "red" foods (not actually associated with food color). I maybe eat out once a week, if that. The boyfriend and I try to cook meals at home...but I have to admit that sometimes even the healthy meals have massive portion sizes!

    Part of the problem with living with the boyfriend is that I end up eating like him, even if most of what we ingest is high in lean protein, whole wheat, and veggies.

    I've decided I need to start filling my bowl the way I usually do, but then taking 1/4 or 1/3 out before sitting down to feast.

    I'll make no promises during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, tho. :)


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