Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tosies of the Month - November 2010

I declared today my self care day.

Since I last got a pedicure, I decided I deserved it because of the interviews I had done.  It's been about a month since my first interview at the Boston Center for Adult Education, and I'm still here waiting.

Why, Job Gods, must it take so long?

After a second interview and after checking in with the Human Resources woman, I still have yet to hear a yea or nay.  It's been somewhat torturous, and kind of irritating that it's taking so long.  But I still really want that job.

With all the anxiety and stress and shoulder pain, I decided to get myself a well-deserved massage.  One of the people I used to work with is luckily dating a massage therapist, and I had been meaning to see her.

Mitzie, of Mind Your Body Wellness, is awesome!  She really talked me through a lot of what might be causing me pain, and after the intense but relaxing massage, she showed me some stretching techniques to help prevent further pains.  This is really the first time I sought out a massage to help me with pain I'm having, so it was great to leave feeling relaxed and prepared.

On my way to the massage, I decided that I should continue taking care of myself and head on over to get my monthly pedicure.  While I was originally planning to wait until the week of Thanksgiving, I figured I should just use the majority of my money to pay for the rental car.

I had decided that November would be a purple month.  My toes needed to see some purple action.  The last time I got purple toes was for a belly dance show in August and before that it was in May for another belly dance show.

But who would've guessed that I inadvertently chose the same purple that I got back in May?  This time around, I'm much happier with the design.
Designed by Wendy at Dana's Nail Salon, Brighton, MA
Color: OPI Merry Midnight
Occasion: Self-care day and Thanksgiving
November 2010
Last month's pedicure design was so strange, and the last time I got this color the design was too girly.  But I got to say, I love the abstract stuff.  In the picture, you can kind of see the large flecks of sparkle, which I'm a huge fan of.

I was a bit inspired to start planning Thanksgiving outfits with this nail color, and I finally gave myself time to play around with  So, here's some outfits I would wear with this color featuring clothes that I own/clothes similar to ones I own.

That website is unnecessarily fun.  But it was a nice way to cap off my day of self-care.


  1. Thank you Kirthi!
    Once I found out the girls at the salon I go to were design pros, I try my best to stick with them :)


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