Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter Wear Woes

These colder seasons have always caused a lot of grief for me.  Not just because it's freezing cold and it gets so much darker earlier in the day.  But because I have a hard time knowing how to dress.

When I first arrived to Boston, I bought a big coat that went past my hips.  I soon found, however, that I would heat up quite quickly and I would just be a sweating mess after walking around a little bit.

One time, the zipper of that big coat got stuck.  Luckily, I was already in my apartment.  But I kind of freaked out.  I couldn't get out of the coat!  The only thing I could think of doing to free myself was to grab my scissors and start cutting.

Soon after, I bought a new puffy coat from Gap, and that kept me warm and visible in my first two Boston winters.
Keeping warm during a Pub Crawl by dancing in the street

I retired that coat after graduation, and graduated to a less bright puffy coat that I've had for about 4 years now.
On the way to a ski trip...I don't ski.

My next issue was finding the right type of shoes.  I had a pair of Merrell waterproof shoes that were fine, but they weren't tall enough to keep me completely waterproof.  So, if I stepped in a puddle and wasn't aware of how deep it was, my feet were pretty much soaked.

Then I got myself some Tretorn boots, which I loved.  They were comfortable, fit around my ginormous ("Pacific Islander" the boyfriend calls them) calves, and they survived the rain and snow.  But, I wore them for multiple days at a time, and I would wear them all day instead of packing extra shoes for work.
My boots in snowshoes!
Because of all my wearing and tearing around, I would need to replace them every year as they developed a tear in the Achilles tendon area.  I probably bought a new pair ever year for the past 3 years.

This season, I decided I need to get separate rain and snow boots.  Unfortunately, boots and I have a strange relationship because of my ginormous calves.  So, the first pair of rain boots didn't work out very well, and were a bit too uncomfortable when I took them out in the rain.

I might actually just buy another pair of Tretorn boots, because they're relatively cheap and they fit really well.  But I'm also looking at some Keen boots and other rain boots.

However, I'm excited to report that I found some really cute shoes that will keep me warm and fashionable all winter.  They fit really well, and they're extremely comfortable so far.  I made sure to do a quick walk-around in my apartment before deciding they were awesome.  But I'm quite satisfied!

Sorel Mackenzie Lace Holiday Boots
For the first time, I'm looking forward to the first snow fall, just so I can sport these babies.

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