Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inked: Blooms

This is sort of a rough idea of what I've been thinking of lately.

I've wanted to get a cymbidium orchid for a while, being that it's my favorite flower for the green shade.  That got me thinking about how roses used to be my favorite flower until I discovered the orchid.  That led me to think about how my paternal grandmother reminded me of orchids, which then lead me to realize that there is a rose that is named "Leonidas," and Leonida was my maternal grandmother's name.

Both sides of my family are very important to me, so I want to pay tribute to that and to the two women who I believe are the backbones of the families.

But, I also want to acknowledge my grandfathers and the legacies they've created.  The baybayin (pre-Filipino script) says "Rodriguez" and "Villero," respectively.

I've been thinking about having a tattoo on my shoulder blades that graze the top of my shoulder.  I think that each of the flowers on each should would create a really nice symmetry while framing my mermaid (which I've really wanted to modify a bit to give her a bigger tail and bigger hair).  I only want one of each, instead of a whole bouquet.

I think I'd like some swirly vines going down my back towards my spine, with the baybayin letters intertwined within the vines.

It might be quite a large tattoo.  So, it might cost quite a bit.  I'm thinking it would be a good 29th birthday present for myself, or I might get it on the anniversary of my Lola's death in February.

I need to work on the idea and the concept a bit more.  But I think it would be more helpful to get a tattoo artists feedback and suggestions.

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