Sunday, November 7, 2010

Simple Pleasures Sundays - Extra Time

I hope you've remembered to change your clocks!  Daylight Savings Time has ended, and it is time to "fall back."

I have a digital clock in our bedroom and my Droid that is set via satellite, so I knew that I didn't really need to worry about remembering to change the clocks.  The only clock we needed to change was on the microwave.

I always want to stay up to watch the clocks change or not change, but I'm usually too tired for when it happens.  I like to think that we are time travelers, wielding the power to control time just for that one hour.

While it has to do with taking advantage of the sunlight that we have during the summer, the only "advantage" to changing it again seems to be that we are given an extra hour.  Now, what you do with that extra hour is dependent on you.

Some people try to take advantage of the extra time by sleeping in.  Some try to take advantage of waking up earlier to do things they wouldn't otherwise have time for.

Personally, I can't sleep too much of else I feel pretty out of it the rest of the day.  So, this morning, I'm using my extra time to do some self care.

I woke up with very intense shoulder and neck pains, and know that I need to take it easy today.  Though it might be related to sleeping in strange positions, I know it's probably because my laptop is not ergonomically located.

So, this morning while I sip my coffee, I will be using my extra hour to sit comfortably with a heat pack on my shoulder before using a back massager. 

How will you take advantage of your extra time?
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