Saturday, April 7, 2012

16 Til 30 - Pillow Fight!

When was the last time you were part of a pillow fight?

I knew that the International Pillow Fight Day happened every year, but I had never been able to be part of it until today.

Oh. My. G.  It is SO fun!!! Just running through the crowd is a laugh riot!

I didn't want to use the pillows that I actually use to sleep on, so I opted for one of my neck pillows that I take on the plane.  Those things get wily!

I'm still a bit sick, but this bit of whimsy felt like a necessary reason to get out of bed.

Pillow Fighters
Pooh Bear!
Captain America getting some Love...
and soon to be ambushed!
Pillow Fighters with Financial District
why, yes...there were several games of chicken...
this was kind of what it looked like from the middle...
there's me and my neck pillow! fun!!!
pillow carnage
I have some feelings about how the grass got pretty messed up from all these pillow fighters.  Knowing that the grass was a big "reason" why the Mayor wanted the Occupy camp out of the Greenway and Dewey Square, but this small bit of action was sanctioned,'s just interesting.

I know tents and people living in a camp does more damage than what happened today.  And whimsy and fun are more accepted than social action.  But maybe both could be combined in some fashion?

Either way, pillow fights are pretty damn fun.  I highly recommend it!

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