Saturday, April 14, 2012

9 Til 30 - Ridiculously Impractical Shoes

You know there are those days when you go into a store with the focus to look for something specific, but then you walk out with something completely different?

Today was one of those days.  I'm not going through buyer's remorse at all.  These shoes are so incredibly impractical.  But they're also ridiculously fun.
I did a lot of walking around the store in these shoes.  For practice, of course.

Then I ran into a more practical version of the shoe.  But after a lot of consideration, advice from my best friend and her roommate, and praise from some of the shop girls, I knew the right choice.
ridiculously cute...and fun to try!
Honestly, I'm so against impractical shoes. The platform and sharply high heeled shoes that are super in style right now are so not my style.  Only in the past year did I even decide that it was time for me to learn how to walk in heels. 

When I was in my early mid-20's, I basically gave up heels altogether.  I thought it was like lying about my height, and I am so not into that.  But, the older I got, the more interested in heels I became.  Last year, I decided it was time.  I needed to learn how to walk in heels before I turned 30.

I've learned several strategies to help get used to heels.

Well, let me backtrack.  I flippin' hate the phrase "breaking in new shoes."  Because, lemme tell you, it's not the shoes that are breaking most of the time - it's your feet!  Your feet are the things in pain.  Shoes could basically care less.

Depending on the shoes' materials, one would need to practice walking around the house a bit.  For leather, I would recommend damping the inside toe area with a wet paper towel, because this helps to mold it a bit to your feet.  But the short bursts around the house just help your feet get used to it.  You get to prevent those incredibly painful blisters and test drive the shoes.

Once they feel more comfortable, take it on a short trip.  If you know you're going somewhere where you're going to be sitting longer than you'll be walking or standing around, this is a good time to take it around the block for the first time.

When you're ready, for longer trips, ease into it.  If possible, pack a set of flats or flip flops.  Stash them in your bag or even in the car.  Your feet will thank you for them at the end of the night when you're hobbling into your apartment.

I am definitely a fan of packing extra shoes.  It just makes sense to do so, especially on your way home from a night out when you're no longer trying to impress the public.

I'm sure I have more to learn.  So, excuse me while I prance around my apartment in my new birthday shoes.


  1. Love the new shoes! I am a big fan of adorable, wacky, and impractical a matter of fact, I just ordered these in white with pink lace: It was love at first sight.

    1. oooo! super cute shoes!! oy..what a weakness, right??


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