Wednesday, April 18, 2012

5 Til 30 - Franklin Park Zoo

This wasn't a trip that I necessarily wanted to go on during the April Vacation week.  What I really wanted was to go to the New England Aquarium

But I was lucky enough to get both.

Here are some of the animal highlights from my trip to the Zoo.
little show off :)
peek-a-boo with a prairie dog
Christopher the Lion was very talkative
Baby Gorilla!
Such a cutie!
Don't you want to nap with the Pygmy Hippo???
I mean...if it wasn't possibly dangerous...

Mandrill...just chillin' in his hammock...
The only animal I was sad not to see was the giraffe.  I'm not entirely sure why the giraffe wasn't about.  But it was a fun trip that tired my poor toesies out. 

It's a fairly decent zoo for being a relatively small zoo.  It would be nice to visit during the summer when more of the exhibits and animals are around.

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