Monday, April 16, 2012

7 Til 30 - Inked: and in the End...

As I had planned several years ago, I wanted to get a tattoo for my 30th birthday.

This past weekend just seemed to be the right time to do it.

So, I did it!
and in the End, the Love you Take
is Equal to the Love you Make
It's always funny how tattoo artists seem to think that all tattoos should face outward so that others could read it easily.  But it's my tattoo.  I had my reasons for doing it the way I did it, as I mentioned in one of the links above.

Holy smokes, did it hurt like crazy!!!  And it hurt where I didn't expect it to hurt!  I thought it might hurt closer to the bone, but it hurt quite a bit right in the middle of my inner wrist. I just tried to think of how awesome it would look when it was done.

I will definitely have more pictures of it when it's all fully healed.  It still feels really new to me.  Aside from the still tender skin, just knowing that I've finally reached a point when I feel like I deserve to make this statement feels amazing.

It's really been a tough Saturn's Return.  I am by no means done learning and exploring and making mistakes.  I know I still have yet to feel completely comfortable in my skin.  I still have yet to feel like I can take serious risks without fear of failing.

But I want this tattoo to be a constant reminder of constantly putting out more positive thoughts.  There's a give and a take.  And hopefully more love.

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