Sunday, April 15, 2012

8 Til 30 - Part 2 - Karaoke

How could I not have a birthday celebration that involved karaoke?  Let's be serious.

I love that my friends also know how to celebrate birthdays, especially in outwardly silly ways.  Like with party hats.
What's a party without party hats?
There was a lot of really getting into the music...
that apparently meant getting down on one's knees.
The funniest thing is this:
As the night wore on,
I managed to collect more and more accessories for my head.
First it was just party hats.
Then I got a hold of a sequined fedora...
then these ridiculous and
non-functional glasses...
and finally this horrifyingly uncomfortable 'stache.
That 'stache didn't stay on for more than a 30 seconds.  But I found it really funny looking back at the pictures the next day.

There were a lot of amazing songs sung that night.  A great variety ranging from George Michael to Rage Against the Machine.  I was bummed that not as many people could make this part of the celebration.  But the people who were there made it such a fun night filled with great songs and sing-alongs!

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